Founder and Managing Director

Colette is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience building businesses from the ground up. She has a proven track record in financial management, investment planning and business development. With over 18 years broad base experience running successful businesses across multiple industries, her entrepreneurial journey began at Alduco Engineering which she co-founded, and which was the springboard for several other businesses in Equatorial Guinea. She founded Starline in Cameroon and has led it to its current position as one of the leading sand mining operations in the country.

Her passion for blending private sector effectiveness and public good culminated in her founding Starline Construction. Under her leadership, the company has established a record of successfully shaping the market, driving social transformation, and delivering innovation through building homes that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and sometimes life changing.

Colette is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has also held other positions of responsibility such as Commercial Attaché with the United Kingdom Trade and Industry services.