Mould and mildew are extremely damaging to the health even when it is not apparent. Our hot, wet, and humid climates, and sometimes poor construction methods are the culprits when it comes to mould attacks in living spaces. Living with any form of mould in our homes poses a serious health hazard especially for the most vulnerable and these are usually the youngest and oldest members of the family. Mould can cause chronic and sometimes life threatening conditions for those with compromised immune systems or those with asthmatic conditions.

It is therefore of utmost importance to identify and treat any form of mould or fungus that shows up in the home or office. The first step is to identify the underlying cause of the damp, because mould can only flourish were it is wet and damp. Sometimes the solution can be as easy as aerating a room that previously did not get enough circulation. So aim to open windows daily to let in some fresh air.

Next will be to permanently treat whatever problem which might be causing the damp. Rising damp will need specialist intervention (call us for a diagnosis and quote), mould caused by leaky pipes or overhead bathrooms which were not properly damp-proofed during construction, might also need specialist intervention prior to treatment. However, mould that arises due to poor ventilation or any of the other reasons can be easily treated once the underlying issues are taken care of. First of all the walls involved will need to dry off some once the problem is identified and corrected. If there is any flaking involved, this will need to be scraped off (please always wear a mask when performing any sort of mould cleaning or treatments). Next thing will be to apply special products which are readily available on the market and are specifically made to treat mould and act as barriers between the wall and any paint application that will subsequently go on top of them. In Cameroon SigmaCover and/or Humistop by Seignurie are the most reliable but any other brands with similar formulations will do. Next step will be to apply a primer and finally your top coat of paint (satin paint preferably for bathrooms). Follow these steps and say goodbye to any mould issues in your home once and for all. #breatheasy

Kitchen – Before Treatment

Kitchen – After Treatment

Toilet – Before Treatment

Toilet – After Treatment